Széchenyi Pályázat 2020


We bring together all industry participants

We provide solutions to most problems already in the design stage

Our buildings are built in BIM approach

The goal of our office is to design high-quality, modern buildings, which represent value not only on the design table, but also after implementation.

Architectural design provides a good basis for structural design and construction as the first step in the construction process. As a general designers, it is our job to bring together all the industry participants needed for the completion of the building, so we provide solutions to most problems right from the design stage. Our buildings are built in a BIM approach, so the completed plan has all the information that may be needed during construction or for building management.

To meet our customer's needs, our goal is to create high-quality buildings that live in harmony with their surroundings. Our designs are characterized by a strong concept and innovative structural solutions. Thus, steel structure and the typical materials of industrial buildings are appear in almost all of our designs besides traditional construction technologies.

Our design team was brought together by the harmony developed during previous collaborative works, architectural competitions and university planning and by the commitment to architecture. Bringing this enthusiasm into office life we dream the buildings and architectural competitions together.

Our main profile is industrial building design, but our references also include family houses, office buildings and public buildings. In addition of the design of specific customer buildings, we like to participate in architectural competitions that help us develop ourselves, gain experience and to stay up-to-date in contemporary architecture.


Pál Blaubacher Pál Blaubacher

Pál Blaubacher

Architect / M.Arch

Tamás Bönde Tamás Bönde

Tamás Bönde

Architect / M.Arch

Alexander Sárközi Alexander Sárközi

Alexander Sárközi

Office Manager / Architect / BIM Manager

Árnika Horváth Árnika Horváth

Árnika Horváth

Architect / M.Arch

Bernadett Horváth Bernadett Horváth

Bernadett Horváth

Architect / M.Arch

Endre Jovan Endre Jovan

Endre Jovan

Architect / M.Arch

Noémi Lajos Noémi Lajos

Noémi Lajos

Interior designer

Lipták Dávid Lipták Dávid

Lipták Dávid

Architect / M.Arch

Milán Samicskov Milán Samicskov

Milán Samicskov

Architect / M.Arch

Fifo Fifo



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